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Celebrating a Century of Innovation and Excellence: 100 Years of Savarè

As we turn the pages of history, we find stories that inspire, innovations that transform, and legacies that endure. Today, we celebrate a remarkable milestone in the story of Savarè: a century of unwavering commitment, innovation, and excellence in the world of industrial adhesives and hotmelts.

Our story began in Milan in 1924, a time when the world was rapidly changing and new industries were emerging. Savarè has grown into a global player, developing technologies and creating products that touch millions of lives every day. As a family-owned company, our journey through these 100 years has been more than just about business - it's been about creating a legacy of reliability, sustainability, and innovation.

As Savarè steps into its next century, we are filled with gratitude for the journey so far and excitement for the future. Our legacy of a century is not just a reflection of our past but a foundation for a future where we continue to innovate, inspire, and lead.

Here's to the next 100 years!