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Savaré a story that began 100 years ago

About Us

A family-owned company with 100 years of experience in research and innovation in the industrial adhesives sector

We were born in Italy in 1924, and today we are also present with our facilities in the United States.

Throughout our history, we have developed technologies and created products that accompany and protect people in various moments of their everyday life. In all fields and markets where we operate, we prioritize the quality and reliability of materials and production processes. We have an in-depth understanding of all production systems that use hot-melt, working in synergy with our partners, their suppliers, and customers. This is our way of ensuring the well-being and safety of consumers.

Our adhesives are used in various industries, including Hygiene and Nonwovens, Medical, Mattress, Packaging, Building Material Adhesives, Tape and Label and others.

Our Values

  • Valori Savaré: Protezione

    We are committed to creating products that are increasingly safe, and capable of delivering optimal and sustainable performance. We stand by our partners and customers in every phase of their project, safeguarding their know-how with the best solutions that research can offer.

    • High-Quality Raw Materials
    • Efficient and established supply chain
    • Sustainable technology and innovation
    • Preservation and stability of technical know-how
  • Valori Savaré: Coinvolgimento

    To give any project the highest chance of success, we involve all parties, from partners to customers to suppliers, providing them with our experience, technology, and expertise to accomplish their desired objective and expectations.

    • Collaborative design
    • Testing area available for partners
    • Continuous technical support
    • Research and Development (R&D) with industry-leading standards
    • Support in the setup phase of production lines
  • Valori Savaré: Fiducia

    We believe a job well done means building trust, because when a partner relies on us, we cannot let them down.
    Trust in our products: safe adhesives in every condition; trust in the transparency of the long-term relationships we establish with all our partners, and trust in our ability to solve even the most complex problems.

    • Quality and high performance of products
    • Confidentiality
    • Transparency
Why Savaré

Family-Owned Company

Means personal commitment and long-term outlook

Mid-size Multinational Company

Means responsiveness, agility and flexibility

Focused on Specific Markets

Means domain expertise and customer intimacy

Technology Leaders

Means technical DNA and continuous R&D investments

Cooperative Partnerships

Means transparency, trust and joint developments