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PSA and hot-melt products for the production of adhesive tapes

Tape and Label

Hot-Melt and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Tapes and Labels

The reliability of our hot-melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives, stems from our ability to design and create products with widely varying performances. For this reason, our offering is extremely flexible, suitable for every kind of application, and capable of meeting every particular need.

For the American market, we are also exclusive distributors of Icap Sira pressure-sensitive acrylics, which includes UV curing hot-melt, solvent adhesives, and water-based emulsions.

Adhesive Tapes

We manufacture hot-melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives for various tapes, including those designed for specialty applications and technical uses.

Adhesive Labels

As a supplier of hot-melt adhesives for the label industry we produce hot-melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives for labels of all types, with maximum flexibility in adhesive performance parameters, conditions of use, and application on numerous products and materials.

Adhesive label with Savarè PSA glue
Hotmelt laboratory
With our R&D laboratory, we develop specific solutions for particular applications and uses.
Savaré accent on adhesives

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