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Innovazione Savaré


Our mission is to help our partners achieve increasingly ambitious results. When it comes to efficiency, quality, sustainability, and safety, we can make a difference. Thanks to our dedication to research and the development of innovative adhesives and hot-melt solutions we are capable of meeting every specific need.

Hot-Melt glue pills

Bond Performance Supplier

Savarè's innovation goes beyond technology to include the mindset applied in every phase of product design and development. Our collaborative approach that directly involves customers and suppliers, offers not only hot-melt but a bond performance perfectly tailored to specific needs and production processes, based on the characteristics of materials and application technologies used.

Our Coaters

Having two advanced lab coaters capable of replicating production line configurations and materials used by our customers gives us the ability to test dierent solutions before implementing them in production systems allowing us to achieve a highly impactful refinement, significantly reducing time and costs.

The Uniqueness of Our Lab Coaters

High-speed Web Coater

  • High lamination speed of 800 m/min
  • Tri-laminate capability
  • Possibility to apply MD and CD
  • Elastic strands, perfume applicator, and WI dedicated applicators and melters

High-flexibility plotter

  • 3-axes movement with customized trajectory and speed to reproduce customer’s applications
  • Works with sheet or foil substrates, even in case of significant thickness and irregular shape
Savare hot-melt adhesive tests with proprietary plotter

Passion for innovation

We invest in our Research and Development department and the advanced laboratory at our Milan headquarters to fuel the evolution of your products and the technologies that compose them.

Research and Development hot-melt

Specialists in Research

Our laboratory and the research and development team enable us to be development partners with leading technology providers.

Technical partner Savaré adhesives

Technical Partners

Our collaboration and assistance extend beyond the development phases, continuing throughout the entire progress of your projects.

Hotmelt markets

Future Forerunners

We have an in-depth understanding of our market and its evolutions, constantly working with an eye on new trends and opportunities.