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Savaré una storia che comincia 100 anni fa


We are a company, but first and foremost, we are individuals who believe in the importance of caring for others and the future of the new generations. For over a hundred years, we have passed on this torch: the commitment to protecting those who use our products in their daily activities, at home or at work, in self-care, and caring for their loved ones.

Each employee at Savaré embodies these values: in the pursuit of innovative adhesives and hot-melt solutions, in the search for increasingly sustainable options, in the attention each of us pays to the needs of our customers, and finally, in the determination to maintain a healthy, stimulating, and rewarding work environment day after day.

Why Join Savaré

  • Valori Savaré: Legalità e rispetto

    Respect, Impartiality

    Being part of our team means joining a community that values care, respect, and attention to people. Thanks to this philosophy, and these values, those who join Savaré remain with us maintaining the enthusiasm and desire to always do better. We encourage collaboration and dialogue in a constructive environment that values everyone's contribution.
    We prioritize continuous training, skill development, and physical and mental well-being, through individual paths that promote a balance between personal and professional life. We are committed to ensuring that every team member feels included, supported, and an integral part of a shared vision.

  • Savaré: Investiamo nella ricerca

    Expertise, Training

    Those who are part of our team know it well: at Savaré, research is the cornerstone around which every strategy revolves. Our R&D team consists of chemists, engineers, laboratory technicians, and specialists in safety and sustainability, all united by a common passion for technology and innovation. We work closely with the Polytechnic University of Milan and other external laboratories to improve our products, create new patents, and offer personalized training paths, so that every team member can grow professionally and contribute to our collective success.

  • Savaré Adesivi: Integrità e trasparenza

    Integrity, Trasparency

    Working in harmony requires a deep sharing of the values that have distinguished us since 1924. To maintain this spirit, the method is simple: always remain true to the ethical principles that guide us in every aspect of our activity.
    Being consistent, however, does not mean being static. This is how we decided to follow our impulse to open up to global markets. Thanks to the people who work with us in the United States, we have been able to develop an international outlook that allows us to open up to new perspectives every day without losing our identity and our vision of the common good.
    Dialogue, transparency, reliability and respect for our word and for each person with whom we interact, inside and outside the company, are the essence of Savaré and what we want to be recognized for, today and tomorrow.

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