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Savaré produce adesivi hot-melt e PSA per applicazioni mediche


Hot-Melt and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Medical Applications

With decades of experience, we are market leaders in the production of hot-melt adhesives designed for the assembly of nonwoven layers used in the production of surgical drapes and disposable gowns. Additionally, we manufacture certified pressure-sensitive adhesives for medical tapes, bandages, and various skin-contact applications.

Our commitment to using only carefully selected, high-quality raw materials allows us to obtain numerous certifications for all our medical adhesives, ensuring full compliance with legal requirements.

Adesivi medical Savaré sono certificati anche per utilizzi skin contact
Our products undergo testing and certification to ensure maximum safety, even in applications involving direct skin contact.
  • Market leader in hot-melt adhesives for disposable materials
  • Certified pressure-sensitive adhesives suitable for skin contact
  • Rigorous selection of raw materials

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