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Child on a mattress assembled with Savaré adhesives

Mattress adhesive

Hot-Melt Adhesives for Mattress Assembly and Pocketed Springs

Everybody deserves a healthy, safe, and comfortable night’s sleep. The hot-melt adhesives we have developed for mattress production enable optimal assembly of materials to ensure a high-quality product.

Our hot-melt glues are suitable for both manual and automatic adhesive application systems for mattress production. They are inherently solvent-free, eliminating environmental and safety risks associated with solvents, and they do not contain water, which could lead to mold formation on the mattress.

Similar to other applications, our adhesives also allow mattress manufacturers to adopt a clean and rapid process, reducing costs compared to the use of acrylic-based solutions. Their nearly immediate adhesive bond enables the movement and shipment of the mattress directly after production.

We also produce hot-melt adhesives specifically for assembling pocketed springs used inside mattresses, including solutions that, due to their total chemical compatibility with nonwoven materials, allow for easy and complete recycling.

Savare hot-melt adhesive tests with proprietary plotter
We develop prototypes of the final products and test them with our high-flexibility plotter.
Savaré accent on adhesives
  • Available in bio-based options up to 100%
  • No need for curing, drying, or polymerization
  • Adjustable set time according to specific needs
  • Noiseless formulations
  • Excellent adhesive strength and consistent quality

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