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Savaré Open Day

Savaré Open Day

On Saturday, April 6, we opened the doors of the Cerro Maggiore plant to celebrate Savaré's 100th anniversary and share this special milestone with families and community members.

The Open Day was a valuable opportunity to celebrate the bond that our Company has sought to build with the local community since its foundation. Throughout our 100 years in business, we have always been committed to the protection of jobs, safety and sustainability at all of our sites.

During the event, we traced the stages of our history and showed how Savaré has grown together with Cerro Maggiore. We also had lots of fun with games and activities for the children.

The day was also an opportunity for us to share a message close to our hearts: for a company to last, it is necessary to create an ecosystem that balances growth, work, environment and human relations. For this, we would like to thank all the people who took part in the event, their families, the Mayoress Nunzia Barra and the City Council.

Every goal is achieved only when it can be shared. Thank you all.

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