Technical service & support

Savaré means total and continuous cooperation and successful business partnerships with your Company, starting from your ideas or needs, transforming them to real products, evaluating and optimizing performances in our application development labs and on our test-stand, and supporting your industrial scale-up and production.

As one of the leading worldwide suppliers of industrial adhesives, at Savaré we do believe that our Products and Technologies are best valued only if coupled with the most efficient and effective Technical Service and Support to customers, in every step of our development cooperation and, after sale, throughout the entire cycle of use of our adhesives in your production process.

Wherever your Company and production facilities are located, you can always expect the same high quality of prompt and effective technical service and support from our Specialists and Technologists, to help you in promptly solving every possible issue and in making your business even more successful.

Upstream application development

At Savaré Specialty Adhesives, we strongly believe in Research and Innovation as the main drivers of growth, competitiveness and value for our customers.

As a highly innovative Company, our key focus is constantly dedicated to strengthening and expanding our R&D organization and to fully committing it to the unceasing development and improvement of our product range, according to the latest technologies.

We have recently further expanded our R&D labs and we have strengthened and broadened their scientific investigation capabilities with the most sophisticated instrumentation that put them on the cutting edge of today's best chemical, physical and physical-chemical characterization of Hot Melt adhesives, from Rotational and Capillary Rheology to Adhesive performances in all possible situations; including IR analysis, Thermal properties, full Mechanical characterization, Surface Energy measurements, Scanning Electron Microscopy, etc.

This continuous and very strong commitment to strengthening and investing in Reasearch and Innovation is what keeps Savaré Specialty Adhesives in the very forefront of worldwide excellence among the best international suppliers of industrial adhesives, and allows us, by closely cooperating with our clients and co-suppliers, to continuously deliver optimized and customized solutions to all their needs, quickly and effectively.

Tailor made

Savaré is committed to offering a service tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Our products are developed to meet the demands of companies, anticipating potential future needs and constantly proposing innovations that are useful to improve both products and production processes. We guarantee the continuity of the production and logistic process, ensured by the careful planning of the production work and by the constant monitoring of the stocks of raw material and finished product. It is also fundamental for Savaré to share with its customers a coherent, transparent and systematic approach to environmental problems and workplace safety, so as to strengthen relationships of trust and always supply products of excellent quality.