More than 90 years of experience

Company Profile

Savaré is an Italian family owned company operating for 90 years in the field of high technology specialty chemicals. Since the 1970s Savaré has been 100% focused on developing and producing innovative hot-melt adhesives. With production facilities in Italy and the United States, Savaré is a leading supplier of hot-melt adhesives to the disposable absorbent products industry.

Through our constant commitment in researching and developing cutting-edge technologies, we have stepped up on an international level and bfecame one of the most innovative and efficient companies in the field.

Savaré stands out for the attention and dedication to its customers: its professional approach and technological competency meet the flexibility and openness to collaborate in solving every problem and fulfilling any request.

Our values

We combine tradition and innovation
to make everyday life better.


  • 2018

    Industry 4.0 and process
  • 2017

    New R&D area for mattresses
    and assembly with Robotic Applicator | US plant
    innovative efficiency interventions
  • 2016

    European plant expansion
    & innovative efficiency interventions
  • 2014

    New Test-Stand 800 m/min
  • 2013

    30% US capacity expansion
  • 2012

    R&D Center expansion
  • 2010

    50% US capacity expansion
  • 2007

    New plant in Delaware (Ohio, US)
  • 2003

    Capacity expansion in Europe
  • 2000

    ISO 14001 Procedures
  • 1996

    ISO 9001 Procedures
  • 1993

    New plant in Cerro Maggiore (Milano, Italy)
  • 1992

    ISO 9000 Procedures
  • 1970

    Production of thermosetting adhesives (hot-melt)
  • 1960

    Production of latex
    and synthetic dispersion glues
  • 1940

    Production of vegetable and animal glues
  • 1924

    Birth of Savaré I.C.,
    production of intermediates for the paper
    and textile industry

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